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Winter/Spring 2019

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Wilton Continuing Education
Box 277, Wilton CT 06897
Wilton Conservatory of Music
Winter/Spring 2019: Finance, Business & Law

Our Finance/Business/Law Instructors are hired to teach general concepts to groups of students, not to provide specific advice to individuals.  Students should consult their own advisors before making any decisions regarding these topics. Courses are educational and not intended as a solicitation for business.

Come Fly With Me: Drones & Drone Safety
BF06 5/16
Th  6:30-8pm
Aarons Middlebrook School
eMail Marketing for Small Businesses & Non-Profits
SM02 5/7
Tu  7-9pm
Baldaserini Wilton High School
Excel 2016: Advanced Spreadsheet Functions & Macros
CO02 1/7
Mo  7-9:30pm
Tu  7-9:30pm
We  7-9:30pm
Barnet Wilton High School
Five Things to Know Before Hiring a PI CourseCatalog/images/new.gif
BF09 5/6
Mo  6:30-8pm
Get Going with Quickbooks for the PC User
CO07A 2/4
Mo  1-3:30pm
Tu  1-3:30pm
We  1-3:30pm
Olson Wilton High School
CO07B 3/5
Tu  6:30-9pm
We  6:30-9pm
Th  6:30-9pm
Olson Wilton High School
Instagram For Everyone CourseCatalog/images/new.gif
SM04 3/27
We  6:30-8:30pm
Duncan Wilton High School
Class is Full: Waiting List Available
Investment Planning For Women
BF03 3/12
Tu  7-9pm
Catugno Wilton High School
Legal Planning For The Present And The Future: What Are All Of Those Legal Documents & Why Do I Need Them?
CO14 3/21
Th  7-9pm
Tenore Middlebrook School
Class is Full: Waiting List Available
LinkedIn: Get Set Up!
SM05 3/11
Mo  7-9:30pm
Barnet Wilton High School
Salesforce.com: Blaze Your Career Trail
CO14A 1/28
Mo  7-9:30pm
Barnet Wilton High School
CO14B 4/8
Mo  7-9:30pm
Barnet Wilton High School
Selling Online: eBay, Craigslist & Facebook Tag Sale CourseCatalog/images/new.gif
BF05 5/29
We  7-8:30pm
Capelle Wilton High School
Using Social Media in Today's World: Overview
SM07 3/13
We  6:30-8:30pm
Duncan Wilton High School
Video: Using it for Social Media Marketing
SM08 4/3
We  6:30-8:30pm
Duncan Wilton High School
Website In One Night
SM09 2/25
Mo  7-9:30pm
Barnet Wilton High School
Web Solutions Connecticut CT Website Design & Development Company