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Spring 2017

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Wilton Continuing Education
Box 277, Wilton CT 06897
Wilton Conservatory of Music
Bridge: Beginner CourseCatalog/images/new.gif

Bridge is considered the best card game ever invented. It is to card games what chess is to board games, challenging, yet rewarding.

This is a continuation class for those who have taken the class since January or for those needing a refresher.

We'll be covering the basics, such as what it means to follow suit,  take a trick and to play trump. Once that is established, we'll cover the objectives including actual scoring based on bidding and making contracts. Lessons will cover fundamental bidding (to reach the best contract) and Play of the Hand (to be able to fulfill that contract).

The required text is “Bridge for Everyone” by D. W. Crisfield and is available on Amazon.

Bridge: Beginner CourseCatalog/images/new.gif
HC03 1/24
Tu  3:30-5pm
Hess Wilton High School
HC03B 3/28
Tu  3:30-5pm
Hess Wilton High School
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