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Fall 2019

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Wilton Continuing Education
Box 277, Wilton CT 06897
Wilton Conservatory of Music
Watercolor Workshop: Evening Class

Night time is the right time for watercolor! This class is open to beginners and intermediates. Work from still life setups, landscapes(from your own photographs) and the figure. Basic drawing, composition and watercolor techniques will be demonstrated.  

A materials fee, payable to the instructor, is $15. 

Supply list: You will need the following supplies for the first day of class:

Paints in tubes work best-they are vibrant and easy to mix. Buy what you can afford.  

Paints:  Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Pale, Cerulean Blue, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Winsor Violet, Hooker Green, Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber

Paper:  D’Arches block 140 lb. cold press-10x14 or 12x16 or 22x30.  You can also purchase less expensive blocks and paper if you wish, just try to purchase 140lb weight if possible-anything thinner will be frustrating to work with.  You can purchase sheets of paper, but purchase a piece of foam core to tape it to so you have a work surface.  You will need to purchase white artist tape if you go this route.

Brushes:  Round sable brushes (you can use good quality synthetic if you wish)  I use #6, #8, #10 and #12

Palette:  White plastic with wells around the edge(folding or not) or Holbien metal folding palette.

Additional Supplies:  Water container, #2 pencils, Kneaded eraser, Spray bottle-cosmetic spray bottle-inexpensive, Palette knife-plastic is fine, Paper towels, a portable easel if you have one.

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