WCE Wilton Continuing Education

Zoom Information & Etiquette

This Fall WCE is offering many indoor classes through Zoom, a video conferencing platform. Now you can participate in classes from anywhere as long as you have a compatible device. You can even participate from your phone! All versions of Zoom are free. Simply download Zoom for your computer here or get the app from Apple’s App or Google’s Play Store. 

Click here for the Zoom quick start guide for new users. It would be helpful, if you could test your video and audio settings before class to make sure everything is working. If you'd like to learn how to raise your hand during a Zoom meeting, please click here. In case you're hearing an echo while Zooming, you can find suggestions to fix audio echoes here.

The following is required for Zoom:

  • Computer with audio and video capabilities or a tablet or smartphone 
  • Internet connectivity (Wired or Wi-Fi if using a computer; Wi-Fi for a tablet or smartphone) 
  • Zoom software (for computer) or the Zoom app (for smartphone or tablet)

The following are WCE's recommendations for smooth Zooming:

  • Be respectful of everyone's time - start on time, end on time
  • If you feel comfortable, turn your video on - we would love to see you!
  • Enter the class with your microphone muted and mute yourself when you're not speaking
  • Practice active listening; no sidebar conversations
  • All participants have a voice; raise your hand or use the icon to indicate you would like to speak
  • You can also use the chat function to communicate
  • Take turns to ensure all participants have a voice; "three before me"
  • If something isn't working, please raise your hand - we are all learning!