WCE Wilton Continuing Education

Adult Ed Policies & Procedures

Cancellation & Refund Policy

If a student withdraws before the class start date, she/he will be given a program credit less a $20 withdrawal fee per class and less the materials fee if applicable. There will be no credits for no shows and cancellations less than 48 hours before the class start date. Material/food fees are not refundable and will be deducted from any credit due. Refunds will only be issued for classes cancelled by WCE. (Please allow four to six weeks for check refunds to be processed.)

Wilton Senior Citizens

Wilton Senior Citizens (62 years or older) may take up to 2 classes for $5 each ($10 total) per semester. Call the Continuing Education office on the Friday PRIOR to the specific class to check if senior discounts apply. There are no discounts for classes that do not meet minimum enrollment or are full. Discounts do not apply to: off-site classes (non-town owned premises), ballroom dance lessons, Ed2Go, private music lessons, tech Fridays, technology, tennis, and voiceovers.


A $10 non-resident fee is charged for one and two session classes; $15 for classes with more sessions, as per the class description.

Waiver of Liability & Informed Consent

In consideration of my participation in WCE’s Adult Education classes, including but not limited to exercise, cooking, art, off-site food & beverage appreciation classes, etc., for myself, my heirs and assigns, executors and administrators; hereby remise, release and forever discharge WCE, its employees, contractors, owners, officers, and agents, and the Town of Wilton, its employees, contractors, officers, and agents, from any and all liability, claims, damages, and demands arising from my participation and/or injuries that may occur during or after participation in any and all adult education programs. In case of illness or accident, permission is granted for emergency treatment to be administered. I understand and acknowledge that the WCE policy is to call 911. It is further understood that I will assume full responsibility for any such action, including payment of all legal and medical costs.


Wilton Continuing Education provides courses as a public service and does not endorse or recommend any product(s) or service(s) mentioned in connection with courses. In addition, our instructors are hired to teach general concepts to groups of students, not to provide specific advice to individuals. Students should consult their own personal physician, investment advisor or attorney before making any decisions based on specific advice or examples used by our instructors.