WCE Wilton Continuing Education

Wilton Conservatory of Music Policies & Procedures

In-Person & Virtual Lesson Policy

ABSENTEE POLICY:  Each student is permitted ONE excused absence during a series of lessons. An absence is considered excused when notification is provided as follows:

SAME DAY ABSENCE:  Absence due to illness/emergency must be reported by NOON on the lesson day in order for the lesson to be excused and rescheduled. Email conservatory@wiltonps.org to report a same day absence.  

OTHER ABSENCE:  For an absence due to a scheduling conflict,  notice must be provided at least 24 hours in advance in order for the lesson to be excused and rescheduled.  Email conservatory@wiltonps.org to report an absence due to a conflict.  

You are welcome to notify the instructor of an absence directly, however you MUST notify conservatory@wiltonps.org in order for an absence to be excused.

Make-up lessons will be scheduled at a time convenient for both instructor and student, or may be added on to the end of the session at the same day/time as the student’s regular lesson, time permitting. A virtual lesson may be scheduled to make up an in person lesson at the discretion of the instructor and Wilton Conservatory of Music.

In either case, if the student already has an excused absence, even with proper notice, the missed lesson will not be considered excused and will not be rescheduled.

NO SHOWS:  Missed lessons with no notification & same day cancellations after 12 NOON are considered unexcused and cannot be made up.  Students that arrive late to an in person or virtual lesson, (after 10 min for ½ hour lesson, 15 minutes for 45 min lessons, & 20 minutes for hour lessons) are considered no shows.  Unexcused/no show lessons cannot be rescheduled.

Virtual lessons: If you are having connectivity issues and will be late please call/email your instructor and let them know. 


Lessons are private and held weekly. Wilton Conservatory of Music follows the Wilton Public Schools calendar. There are no lessons when Wilton Public Schools are closed for students. Make-up lessons will be added to the end of the current series of lessons for unscheduled closings. 

Summer Session Policies

ABSENTEE POLICY: Parent/student initiated cancellation of a lesson during the summer session results in loss of the lesson, unless we are able to reschedule the lesson during the six-week session, teacher schedule permitting. For an absence to be considered for a make up, notification MUST be provided to conservatory@wiltonps.org by 9AM the day of the lesson. Every attempt will be made to schedule a make up the lesson, however, please keep in mind that summer is a limited schedule and make-ups are not always possible. There is no refund or credit for lessons that cannot be rescheduled. Students are permitted one rescheduled lesson per summer session.  No show lessons cannot be made up.


Cancellation of a series of lessons (included prorated sessions) will result in a credit with Continuing Education less a $20 withdrawal fee.  There is no refund or credit for lessons that are cancelled once lessons begin.