WCE Wilton Continuing Education

Wilton Conservatory of Music Policies & Procedures

Registration is for a set of ten lessons on a rolling basis.


Lessons are private and held weekly. Wilton Conservatory of Music follows the Wilton Public Schools calendar. There are no lessons when Wilton Public Schools are closed for students. Additionally, if schools are dismissed early for weather or other emergencies ALL music lessons for that day are cancelled. Make-up lessons will be added to the end of the current series of lessons for unscheduled closings or early dismissals. Lessons are held on the K-8 Conference Shortened Days days in November. There are no lessons on early dismissal days before a holiday.

Cider Mill Students: Only students with the first lesson of the day (2:45 PM) may stay after school. Students are to check in with the Site Coordinator when they are dismissed from the classroom (after buses are called) and remain with the Site Coordinator until his or her lesson begins. The student may read, do homework or play quietly during this time. If a student has a lesson that begins after 2:45 PM, and the parent or guardian wants the student to remain at school until the lesson, the student may enroll in the Wilton Continuing Education Extended Day Program at Cider Mill and attend that program for a daily fee. (Please contact the Wilton Continuing Education Childcare Coordinator to make those arrangements as soon as possible.) STUDENTS MAY NOT WAIT AFTER SCHOOL WITH THE SITE COORDINATOR OR ELSEWHERE IN THE BUILDING FOR LESSONS THAT BEGIN AFTER 2:45 PM.

Middlebrook Students & Wilton High School Students: may take the bus or walk from Middlebrook or Wilton High School only if they have a 3:00/3:15 lesson at Cider Mill. Upon entering the school, they are to check in with the Site Coordinator. Contact each school directly for bus information.

Miller/Driscoll Students: may take the bus from Miller Driscoll only if they have the 4:15 lesson at Cider Mill. Our site coordinator will meet the bus and check the students in. Please contact the school directly for bus information.

Pick-Up Policy

Parents MUST come INTO Cider Mill & Miller Driscoll School to sign their child out with the Site Coordinator at the conclusion of each lesson. Sidewalk pick up is not permitted. High school students (and adults) can sign themselves out. The only exception to the sign-out policy is if the child is returning to the Wilton Continuing Education Extended Day Program at Cider Mill following the lesson. Parking is not permitted in the circle at Cider Mill School before 4:30 PM due to buses arriving from other schools. Please park in the lower lot to pick up your child prior to 4:30 PM.

Late Pick-Up Fees: Late fees will apply for children being picked up after the lesson end time. Late fees are $20 for the first 15 minutes after class; $15 for each 15-minute increment thereafter.

Absentee Policy

Each student is permitted ONE excused absence during a series of ten lessons. Absences are considered excused when notification is provided as follows:

No-Shows: Missed lessons with no notification, same day cancellations after 12 NOON, and late arrivals, (after 15 min for ½ hour lesson, 20 minutes for 45 min lessons, & 30 minutes for hour lessons) are all considered unexcused or no show lesson. Unexcused/no show lessons cannot be rescheduled.

Full Series Cancellation: Parent-initiated cancellation of an entire series of lessons within ten days of registration will result in a credit with Wilton Continuing Education, minus a $20 withdrawal fee. No credit or refund will be issued after lessons begin.

Summer Music Lesson Cancellation Policy: Every attempt will be made to make up a missed lesson, however, please keep in mind that summer is a limited schedule and make-ups are not always available. Please email conservatory@wiltonps.org of a cancellation by 9 AM the day of the lesson, or sooner if possible! A parent/student initiated cancellation of a lesson during the summer session results in loss of that lesson unless we are able to reschedule the lesson during the six week session, teacher schedule permitting. No show lessons cannot be made up and no credit will be issued.

Lesson Location

All lessons are held at Cider Mill & Miller Driscoll Schools. There will be a Site Coordinator in the lobby at Cider Mill School and at the pre-school entrance at Miller Driscoll School when students arrive to check them in and direct them to their lesson room. Students should arrive approximately 5 minutes before their lesson to allow for time to walk to their lesson room. Students that arrive late for lessons may forfeit the lesson at the discretion of the instructor or the Conservatory of Music.

NOTE: If someone other than a parent is permitted to pick up your child following a music lesson please notify the Coordinator of the Wilton Conservatory of Music, conservatory@wiltonps.org, with the person’s name and cell phone number.


Same-Day Absence: Absence due to illness must be reported by NOON on the lesson day in order for the lesson to be excused and rescheduled (if there is no prior excused absence).

Other Absence: For an absence due to a scheduling conflict, notice must be provided at least 24 hours in advance in order for the lesson to be excused and rescheduled (if there is no prior excused absence).

In either case, if the student already has an excused absence, even with proper notice, the lesson will not be considered excused and will not be rescheduled.

Email conservatory@wiltonps.org to report an absence. Parents are welcome to notify the instructor as well, however you MUST notify conservatory@wiltonps.org in order for the absence to be excused.