WCE Wilton Continuing Education

2024-25 Policies & Procedures

Extended Day Programs are open to all students enrolled in Wilton Public Schools (WPS). Wilton Continuing Education (WCE) offers several extended day options to accommodate the various childcare needs of our families. Registration opens on Wednesday, May 15 at 10 am and will remain open until the programs fill or until Friday, August 9. If there is space available, registration will reopen again on Monday, September 9.

Extended Day Programs Contact Information

Miller-Driscoll Before and After School Extended Day:

Cider Mill Extended Day:

Parents must use the above phone numbers/emails to communicate directly with the program staff. Contact the WCE office: 203.834.7694 for program registration and general information.


WCE offers two registration options – Contracted and Drop-In.

Contracted: Students attend weekly for the entire school year. Families commit to the days of the week the student will attend. A Contracted student may not drop-In on a non-contracted day in order to make up an absence from a regular contracted day.

Older Sibling Discount: Families with more than one student registered full-time 5 days/week in an After School Program receive a 10% discount on the older sibling. Discount does not apply to the Before School Program.

Drop-In: Students attend on an occasional basis throughout the school year. This option gives families flexibility in selecting days.

How to Register: Begin by creating an account or updating both parent and student(s) accounts on wiltoncontinuinged.org. It is the parents/guardians responsibility to keep WCE informed of any changes to emergency information throughout the school year. Changes to office and cell phone numbers, or email addresses are extremely important.

  • If your student requires an Epi-pen or inhaler, please indicate “yes” to question 1, 2 and/or 3 in the Medical Information section of the student account. Please explain the details of the medical and/or allergy noted in question 6. For more information, please see the “Medication(s)” section below.
  • If your student has a formal classroom management plan or IEP on file, WCE must receive authorization from the parents/guardians to speak with the school support staff. WCE staff will meet with school support staff to define the student's needs prior to the student attending any Extended Day Program(s). Please indicate “yes” on question 5 and provide details in question 6.

Once your account is complete, you will be able to register. Choose the Extended Day Program(s), select the type of enrollment - Contracted, Drop-In or both, and indicate the number of days attending, start date, etc. A non-refundable $100 per student registration fee will be charged to your credit card.


WCE will prepare a tuition payment schedule for each Contracted student specifying the program(s), day(s) attending, and the associated tuition fees. The tuition payment schedule will be emailed within five (5) business days of registration.

Note: The credit card used for the non-refundable $100 registration fee will be the same card charged for the balance of the contract. If you wish to use a different credit card, please contact Louise Rothwell rothwelll@wiltonps.org as soon as possible.

Tuition Payments and Fees 

Families have the option to pay the tuition in full or pay a 30% deposit and make (8) monthly payments for the remainder of the tuition balance.

Monthly Payments:

  • A 30% deposit will be processed on Thursday, August 1. If registered after August 1, the 30% deposit will be due immediately. 
  • The tuition balance is payable in eight (8) equal monthly installments on the 1st of every month - October through May and will automatically be charged to your card on file. 

Tuition Adjustments

Contract Changes:

  • All contract changes require dated, written notification including student’s name, program name and requested change date.
  • All contract changes will incur a $100 administrative fee, except a transfer of days.
  • Beginning Thursday, August 1 reductions will also incur a two (2) week fee, effective from the change date, at the current tuition rate.
  • A reduction of days can be effective immediately.
  • An increase in the number of days and resulting in an increase in tuition require two (2) weeks notice. Tuition changes are effective on the planned change date.
  • Changes involving a transfer of days only (no reduction or addition) require one (1) week advance notice.
  • All changes are subject to space availability.

Contract Cancellations:

  • All contract cancellations require dated, written notification including the student's name, program name, and requested withdrawal date. 
  • All contract cancellations will incur a $100 administrative fee. 
  • Beginning Thursday, August 1 contract cancellations will also incur a four (4) week fee at the current tuition rate from the last day of attendance.
  • The withdrawal date is the last day of scheduled attendance. 
  • If there is a refund due, a check from the Town of Wilton will be issued.


Once registered, students will receive an email confirmation. Placement is subject to space availability.

Miller-Driscoll: 203.856.4756, mdxday@wiltonps.org

Cider Mill: 203.856.4532, cmxday@wiltonps.org

Drop-In Procedures: 

  • Reserve a place in the Before School Program by text, email or call, Monday - Friday by 8:30 am, the day before planning to attend. 
  • Reserve a place in the After School Program by text, email or call, Monday - Friday, by 4:30 pm, the day before planning to attend. 
  • Monday Drop-Ins must text, email or call the Friday before, prior to 4:30 pm.

Drop-In Fees: 

  • Before School Extended Day Program: $32 per visit
  • After School Extended Day Program: $50 per visit

Drop-In 5 Pass Fees (Discounted Rates):

  • Before School Extended Day Program: $145 ($29 per visit)
  • After School Extended Day Program: $230 ($46 per visit)

Drop-In Payments: 

  • Purchase a Before School single day $32, and an After School single day $50 drop-in here.
  • Purchase a Before School $145 5 pass, and an After School $230 5 Pass here.
  • All single day and 5 Passes must be used during the school year in which they are issued and are not transferable between students and/or programs.

Note: The credit card used for the non-refundable $100 registration fee will be the card on file. If you wish to use a different credit card, please contact Louise Rothwell rothwelll@wiltonps.org as soon as possible.

Drop-In No Show Fees: Drop-In students who have made a reservation to attend the program(s) and do not show up, will be charged the full applicable daily rate. Parents must notify the program(s) to change the Drop-In reservation prior to 12pm on their scheduled day.

Late Pick-up Fees

All students must be picked up no later than 6:30 pm. If a student is picked up after 6:30 pm, the following fees apply: from 6:30-6:45 pm - $25. An additional $30 charge will be applied for every fifteen-minutes or any part thereof. For example, if a student is picked up at 6:50 pm, there will be a $55 charge. At 6:50 pm, the emergency contact will be called. After a maximum of three (3) late pick ups, WCE has the option to cancel your student's registration. Late fees will be automatically charged to your card on file.

Hours of Operation

Extended Day Programs begin the first day of school and follow the WPS calendar. 

Extended Day Program(s) operate during November Conference Days, Professional Development Days as well as the June Shortened Days (last three days of school). Non-contracted students including drop-ins are charged $125 each day. 5 Passes are not valid on these days. Drop-In enrollment will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Miller-Driscoll: 1:15 – 6:30 pm
  • Cider Mill: 11:55 am – 6:30 pm

Delayed Opening: If WPS has a delayed opening, the Before School Extended Day Program will be canceled. Media listings for delays and closures are provided on the WPS website: wiltonps.org.

Early Dismissal: If WPS are dismissed early, ALL After School Extended Day Programs are canceled. It is the parents/guardians responsibility to be informed of the school's early dismissal procedures and update School Dismissal Manager (SDM).

Weather Related Cancellation: If WPS after school activities are canceled, pick up from the program(s) will be no later than 5pm. WCE reserves the right to cancel the program(s) due to inclement weather. The decision to cancel is not taken lightly and is done to ensure the safety of students and staff. Please monitor your texts and email.

Emergency Cancellation: If the After School Extended Day Programs have already begun and need to be dismissed early due to an emergency before 6:30 pm, parents/guardians will be contacted by text and email. The decision to dismiss early is not taken lightly and is done to ensure the safety of students and staff. If parents/guardians are not reachable after making every reasonable attempt, emergency contacts will be called to pick up your student(s).

Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedures

Each student dropped off for the Before School Extended Day Program is signed in each day by WCE Staff.

All students are signed out by WCE Staff when leaving the program(s). If someone other than the persons listed in your students WCE account needs to pick up your student, an email notification to the program is required. All authorized persons will be asked for ID when picking up the student. All students attending the program(s) must be picked up no later than 6:30 pm. If a student is picked up after 6:30 pm late fees will apply.

Health and Illness Procedures

There is no nurse on duty during the Before and After School Extended Day Program(s). If a student has a fever or contagious illness, the student must not attend the program(s). If a student becomes ill, or requires non-emergency medical care during program hours, the parents/guardians or emergency contacts will be contacted to pick up the student. In the event a student requires emergency treatment, program staff will follow emergency protocols, including calling 911. It is extremely important for parents/guardians to communicate any and all health changes, illnesses or injuries to program staff as soon as they occur.

Medication(s) (Epi-pen and/or Inhaler): For students to be able to participate in the program(s), a full doctor’s order along with the medication(s) must be submitted to the school nurse. Two sets of the order/medication(s) are required – one for the nurse during the school day, and the other for the instructors at the Extended Day Program. Once medications are submitted to the school nurse and all staff have been trained in the administration of the medication(s), WCE will notify parents/guardians of their students start date.

Absence Procedure

If a student is absent for any reason, parents/guardians must call or email the program(s), and update School Dismissal Manager (SDM) by 12:30 pm. It is extremely important to keep the staff informed of absences. Staff must locate any missing student which takes valuable time away from the other students. Reasons for absence include illness, vacation, play date, etc.

School Dismissal Manager

Student’s daily dismissal plan must be kept up to date. In School Dismissal Manager, enter the default “Continuing Education Childcare”. If a student is absent for any reason, parents/guardians must update SDM by 12:30 pm. Staff rely on this information.

Student Check-In

  • Miller-Driscoll School: On his/her contract or drop-in day, students walk directly to the Extended Day Program at dismissal. Students attending a WCE enrichment activity will be escorted directly to the Miller-Driscoll Library by their teacher at dismissal to meet their enrichment instructor. Students are then escorted to the Extended Day Program.
  • Cider Mill School: On his/her contract or drop-in days, students must first check in with the Extended Day Program staff before going to their after school activity. Parents/guardians must accept responsibility for the student to walk to/from the in-school program(s) unescorted. Students will NOT be escorted to/from any outside program. Parents/guardians must accept responsibility and an email must be received granting permission for your student to walk unescorted to and from the Comstock Community Center.

Electronic/Smart Devices

WCE will follow the Cider Mill policy on Smart Devices in our Extended Day Programs: iPods, iPads, cell phones, smart watches & electronic games, are not appropriate to have in class and if brought to school should  be stored in your student’s backpack. “Kindles” (and other e-book readers) can be brought in class with the teacher receiving parental permission.  Please note WCE is not responsible for lost or stolen devices.


Behavior expectations for students in the program(s) are the same as during school. Students are expected to follow the instructions of the program staff, to be considerate of each other, and to follow the same general rules that apply during school. If a student's behavior does not conform to program expectations, and the behavior or situation is disruptive or becomes a safety issue, the parents/guardians will be contacted. Disruptive behavior is defined as inappropriate behavior that interferes with the functioning, flow and safety of the program. After three (3) written warnings if the student's behavior or situation does not improve sufficiently, WCE reserves the right to ask the student to take a “break" from the program. If after the "break" the student's behavior or situation does not improve, WCE reserves the right to discharge the student without a tuition refund.

Bullying, and/or violent behavior will result in immediate discharge from the Before and After School Extended Day Program(s). Bullying behavior in the schools as defined by the Wilton Board of Education (R 5131.2). Reference WPS District Home Page for the complete Safe School Climate Plan